Changing the rules for the sustainability of life and the planet


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An assembly held to raise awareness of the need to preserve life and the planet in the face of the impacts of climate change.



Somos una fundación conformada por organizaciones sociales y productivas que apoyan a pequeños/as y medianos/as productores/as, artesanos/as con prioridad en jóvenes, mujeres y los adultos mayores. Facilitamos procesos de Economía Alternativa, comercio comunitario hacia los/las consumidores e incidimos con nuestros aliados en políticas públicas y economía a nivel nacional e internacional con enfoque de derecho y género. La inclusión de adultos mayores en las políticas públicas, programas y proyectos.
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The activity consisted of a face-to-face session with 30 Multiactor leaders on September 23, 2022, starting with a brief presentation on the Escazú Agreements, as a fundamental legal instrument for the protection of the environment recently ratified by 14 countries in LAC.


We live in alarming times with many conflicts, the world needs urgent action so that these crises can become an opportunity if we change the rules of the game.


The next action was the presentation of a video on the Protection of Nicaragua’s natural resources including the Indio Maiz Reserve, this motivated participants to join voices and defend the reserve that has suffered from logging, burning of the forest and invasion of settlers, with these actions we proceeded to develop key messages that were part of the virtual social mobilization that was organized through banners, photos, where the campaign was promoted, #FlipTheScript and proceeded to film a video.

Key objective

The goal is to reach more than 1,000 people through a video and a national assembly to change the script on environmental protection.

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