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by Sistah Sistah foundation

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Sistah Sistah foundation

The Sistah Sistah Foundation is a Feminist NGO that seeks to further the rights of women, children and minorities through gender equal programmes created to educate, empower and protect the groups we work with. An equal world is a safer world and through it’s programmes, SSF works to not only equip it’s groups with knowledge and resources but with a voice that will demand equality and an end to oppression. At the core of all the organisation’s work is the declaration that the rights of women are in fact inalienable, integral and indivisible to all human rights and fundamental freedoms

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Sistah Sistah foundation has started the journey to strengthening and rebuilding of safe spaces for
feminists in their community post the pandemic. The Sistah sessions is one of the many activities that
will work to bring together Feminists, activists and allies and create a safe space. As a grassroots
organization we have always worked to ensure the communities we work and fight for feel a part of this
movement and the sessions will go a long way in achieving this. The sessions will be intimate, safe and
unconventional and this will help the community come closer together and achieve our goals.

-The space will offer solidarity, support, mentorship and, most importantly, Sistahood.
-It will be a space to organize, strategize and implement in our fight against inequality of all forms
-It will be a space free of judgment and a space for relaxation and fun. Because Feminism for us is political and also ideological these spaces will become our home, we will live,
learn, teach in them.

Key objective

To rebuild and strengthen feminist safe spaces in Zambia and Africa. To offer a place where they can come together and connect.
To offer support to one another.
To discuss effect strategy in organising and breaking patriarchy structures.
To have a space where they are free to express themselves and have fun without fear or judgement.

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