What can you do on Zovu?

Zovu is a space where activists, changemakers, community groups and organizations can share their work and stories. These types of users can create profile pages where they list their initiatives for anyone to see. Users who visit Zovu can browse initiatives by theme and location to identify groups they are interested in.

We are working on a functionality allowing initiative leaders to launch fundraising campaigns and obtain resources for their projects from individual donors across the world.

What is the difference between a movement, an NGO and an initiative?

On Zovu, we refer to NGOs and movements as groups of people working together to create change. You may also see that we refer to them as activists, community groups, organizations, changemakers…

“Initiatives” refers to the different projects that NGOs and movements implement. A single NGO or movement can have several initiatives up on Zovu. For example, an NGO working on urban farming may have a community garden, but also lead an advocacy campaign where they call for municipal authorities to free up land for communal use. Depending on how this NGO approaches their work, these could be considered different initiatives. In this case, this NGO would have two initiative pages (the garden one and the campaign one) under their Zovu NGO page.

What is a supporter?

A supporter is an individual who sees the importance of the work of a certain initiative and who is ready to contribute to it. Zovu supporters will be able to provide funds to different initiatives once the fundraising functionality is live on our website. You don’t have to be an activist or an NGO employee to become a supporter. Once we have launched this functionality, anyone in the world can open a supporter account and donate money to any initiative through a Zovu fundraising campaign. NGOs and movements will be able to stay in touch with their donors and share updates about their initiatives and their progress.

How can I get in touch with NGOs and movements?

We are working on a web functionality that will allow NGOs and movements to get in touch with one another. While you wait for this to launch, we encourage you to get in touch with other Zovu users via social media. NGOs and movements can link their social media on their Zovu profiles. Look for the social icons on the profile pages.