What is ZOVU?

The global community faces diverse challenges, from the impacts of extreme weather to the consequences of inequality. In the face of these challenges, we believe that it is the power of individual action and collective commitment to creating a more sustainable world that is key to driving change and transformation. Our vision is centred on a future where sustainability, social justice, and environmental protection are guaranteed. 

Zovu is a dynamic platform dedicated to supporting community and citizen-driven action to shape a more just and sustainable future, through sharing stories, connecting donations from global supporters, and providing opportunities for knowledge sharing and collaboration between diverse groups around the world. 

All the initiatives featured on Zovu all contribute to at least one of our Three Objectives:

  1. The preservation, conservation and the protection of the environment and the prudent use of resources.
  2. The relief of poverty and the improvement of the conditions of life in socially and economically disadvantaged communities.
  3. The promotion of sustainable means of achieving economic opportunities and regeneration.


Building a solid foundation for effective citizen action

Zovu has emerged through a dynamic process of community groups working together across borders to understand and support social and environmental action. One of the greatest obstacles to citizen action is a lack of resources. Frontline groups are generally best placed to develop impactful initiatives with very limited funding, but they may lack practical resources and access to information, which often makes projects very difficult to sustain. 

Zovu aims to strengthen the durability and impact of social and environmental initiatives by providing much needed support and resources to initiatives, including those that may find it difficult to meet the demands of large institutional donors. We ensure to listen to each Initiative’s needs and provide the support that is required.

Our goal is to create deep connections between frontline groups and their allies around the world. Through financial contributions, supporters can be part of the work of activists tackling the issues they care most about. By providing this support, groups can have the freedom they need to sustainably design, implement and scale up local solutions. The donations to initiatives through Zovu are directly meaningful to the success of citizen initiatives that truly make a difference. 


Supporting Action

Zovu collaborates with a diverse range of initiatives, including community groups, traditional NGOs, non-registered movements, digital activists, citizen assemblies, activists, associations, individuals, civil society coalitions, and social and environmental entrepreneurs. Each group can create a profile on Zovu, highlighting their initiatives on our website. All initiatives receiving support are non-profit.

Individuals seeking to contribute meaningfully to a sustainable future find a home at Zovu. By engaging with initiatives and providing monthly or one-off donations, supporters ensure their funds directly address social and environmental justice, aligning with the causes they care about.


The Team at Zovu 

Zovu is part of the broader network of  Action for Sustainable Development, a global coalition of civil society groups that came together in 2015 with a focus to support civil society action on sustainable development and addressing the climate emergency. The team works remotely from various locations worldwide. The Zovu Advisory Group comprises activists from diverse regions of the world working on innovative social and environmental initiatives. This diverse Advisory Group sets the strategic priorities and represents Zovu members in their identities. A community-led approach is at the core of Zovu’s activities and values.