What is ZOVU?

Zovu is a platform supporting community and citizen action to build a more just and sustainable world.  It aims to contribute to a future where sustainability, social justice and environmental protection are guaranteed.


Working together for our common future

People around the globe are facing diverse challenges, from the impacts of extreme weather to the consequences of acute inequality combined with the effects of the global pandemic. At the same time, they are driving transformation and finding ways to solve these challenges through community-led initiatives. They boldly combine innovation, traditional knowledge and ethical practices. Their stories must be told.

Zovu allows activists to connect with one another and learn about different approaches to similar problems. Nobody will fix the world alone. Knowledge sharing and collaboration are key in the journey towards a just society and a healthy planet. Zovu aims to facilitate this by promoting joint efforts and the transfer of know-how among groups.


Building a solid foundation for effective citizen action

The other essential goal of Zovu is to strengthen the durability and impact of social and environmental initiatives. One of the greatest obstacles to citizen action, if not the greatest, is lack of resources. Frontline groups often succeed in developing impactful initiatives with very limited funding, but this precarious situation sometimes makes projects very difficult to sustain. And when these groups do manage to receive funding from institutional donors, it often comes with  multiple competing demands -such as intensive reporting- that they must comply with in order to ensure future funding opportunities. Zovu solves this problem by going direct to activists, communities and changemakers.

We aim to create deep connections between frontline groups and their allies from across the world. Through financial contributions, supporters can be part of the work of activists tackling the issues they care most about. This kind of support gives frontline groups the freedom they need to sustainably design, apply and scale up local solutions, and it makes allies’ donations meaningful, as they can directly contribute to the success of citizen initiatives that matter.


We believe stories instigate action

In social and environmental justice, we need stories to understand problems and learn how to solve them. Zovu is story-focused in that we encourage activists to showcase their work through impactful narratives that can change minds.


Activists and communities leading change

We work with community groups, traditional NGOs, non-registered movements, digital activists, citizen assemblies, artivists, associations,  individuals, civil society coalitions as well as social and environmental entrepreneurs. Any of these groups can create a profile on Zovu and showcase their initiatives on our website. All activities that receive crowdfunding support are non-profit making.


Allies supporting action

If you are an individual who wants to meaningfully contribute to a sustainable future and who knows that local solutions are the key to solving global problems, you are in the right place. By engaging with Zovu activists and contributing with monthly or one-off donations, you can be sure that your funds will be used to address social and environmental justice directly, standing together with the causes and initiatives that you care about.


Behind Zovu

Zovu is powered by Action for Sustainable Development, a global network of  civil society members  working on sustainable development and the climate emergency. We work on Zovu remotely from different places in the world.



The Zovu Advisory Group is made up of activists from the Global South working on different social and environmental initiatives. Having a diverse Advisory Group that represents Zovu members in their identities and approaches is hardwired into Zovu’s values.