Ancestral adaptation plans to climate change with a focus on peace, gender and youth

by Climalab

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Supporting Colombia’s most vulnerable empowers women, girls, and youth in climate-impacted regions to develop action plans for adaptation, sustainable livelihoods, and environmental conservation.



We are a NGO dedicated to the development of socio-environmental initiatives and projects that seek to promote community empowerment and decision-making on climate change at different levels of society. As a laboratory of ideas and solutions to climate change, we promote climate action through the development projects with a focus on peace, ancestry, youth and gender that prevent human rights violations and improve the quality of life, especially for children, young people and women.
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Supporting Colombia’s Most Vulnerable
This impactful initiative focuses on empowering communities highly vulnerable to climate change in Colombia. Working alongside women, girls, and young people, the project fosters their leadership and prioritises their knowledge and perspectives.

Action Plans for a Sustainable Future
The project guides communities through the development of comprehensive action plans for long-term adaptation. These plans address four key areas:
Climate-focused education and training: Equipping communities with the knowledge and skills to navigate the changing climate.
Economic and productive strengthening: Supporting sustainable livelihoods that are resilient to climate impacts.
Risk management: Building capacity to prepare for and respond to climate-related disasters.
Conservation of strategic ecosystems: Protecting vital natural resources for the benefit of communities and the environment.

A Commitment to Inclusivity and Sustainability
The plans are designed with a strong emphasis on environmental and social sustainability. Traditional, local, and identity-based knowledge plays a crucial role in informing adaptation strategies.

A Nationwide Reach
The project aims to empower communities across all six biodiverse regions of Colombia. Currently, it operates in the Andean region (Boyacá department) and the Amazon region (Putumayo department).

Key objective

In three years, the initiative will benefit more than 5,000 people in Colombia, especially women, children and young people, guiding them in their process of adaptation to climate change in their territories, through action plans that are structured with the axes of education, economic strengthening, conservation and risk management.

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