School of Environmental Participation

by Escuela de Participacion Ambiental

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The Environmental Participation School empowers young people of all ages to become responsible eco-citizens through hands-on activities, knowledge building, and advocacy skills development.


Escuela de Participacion Ambiental

Maqay es una organización sin fines de lucro, conformada por mujeres, dedicamos nuestro trabajo a promover la educación y participación en temas ambientales. Realizamos proyectos de educación ambiental con colegios y programas de voluntariado con jóvenes.
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Cultivating Eco-Citizens: The Environmental Participation School

Beyond the Classroom: A Hub for Young Environmentalists
The Environmental Participation School isn’t just about lessons; it’s a vibrant space where young minds blossom into responsible eco-citizens. Children, adolescents, and young people of all ages engage in open dialogue and shared learning experiences focused on environmental well-being.

Empowering Young Stewards
This program goes beyond traditional education, transforming into a dynamic training ground for future environmental leaders. With a focus on environmental rights and responsibilities, the School equips participants with the knowledge and tools to become active stewards of our planet.

Learning by Doing: Engaging Activities for Change

The School fosters a hands-on learning environment:

Urban Garden Revolution: Students transform their school grounds into thriving urban gardens, cultivating a connection with nature and learning sustainable food production.

Creative Expression for Change: Art and beadwork contests become powerful tools for environmental awareness. Participants translate their concerns into artistic masterpieces, sparking dialogue and action.

Combating Plastic Pollution: A captivating story, designed for young learners, tackles the critical issue of single-use plastics. Through this engaging narrative, children develop a deeper understanding of the problem and its impact.

Empowered Citizens, Empowered Future: “Environmental Citizenship Workshops” delve deeper, equipping participants with the skills to analyse complex environmental challenges. This fosters critical thinking and empowers them to advocate for change.

A Brighter Future, One Seed at a Time
The Environmental Participation School’s core objective is to cultivate a generation of environmentally conscious youth. The program strengthens the capacities of young people by providing knowledge and tools for active participation in environmental decision-making. By promoting information access, fostering participation, and ensuring access to justice, the School empowers them to become powerful voices for a sustainable future.

Key objective

The School of Environmental Participation will:

  • Increase the number of children, adolescents, and young people from under-served communities who participate in its environmental education programs.
  • Equip these programs sufficiently so that participants can gain the knowledge and skills they need to advocate for environmental rights, as measured by pre- and post-program assessments on environmental knowledge and advocacy skills.

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