Intergenerational Dialogues on Biodiversity Governance

by Kenyan Youth Biodiversity Network

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A series of dialogues that seeks to inform policymakers of youth priorities in natural resource governance, financing, justice and rights.


Kenyan Youth Biodiversity Network

Kenyan Youth Biodiversity Network is a youth-led organization, committed to empowering young people and harnessing youth action to inspire transformative conservation frameworks that effectively respond to the 3 plentary crises of biodiversity loss, climate change, and pollution. We drive our vision through 4 main pillars of operation: Our programs are anchored on 4 main operational pillars: Policy Advocacy, Marine Action, Ecosystem Restoration, and Awareness creation. As one of Kenya's largest youth-led conservation organizations, we are focused on ensuring the meaningful inclusion of young people in environmental decisions that affect their future.
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This project seeks to inform conservation policy and further enhance a radical shift from policy to youth-inclusive action. It provides a safe space where young people can interact with decision-makers and other relevant targeted stakeholders to co-create sustainable actionable, policy-backed models of conservation that safeguard the rights of current and future generations. Through intergenerational dialogues, we build the capacity of young people to effectively connect with their leaders, ask them questions, hold them accountable, and express their concerns. Since 2018, we have held grassroots consultation dialogues in 6 major regions in Kenya, which have aided us to contribute youth input in key policy processes such as in various drafts of the Post-2020 global biodiversity framework of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity. We also submitted youth inputs on Kenya’s Wildlife Strategy 2030, and other other policy documents such as the Forestry Act.

Key objective

Policies to youth-inclusive action: Realisation of meaningful engagement of young people, transformative conservation education, green jobs, and recognition of native rights in conservation policy frameworks in Kenya.

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