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Jokkolabs Banjul’s Summer Camp ignites young minds through STEAM exploration, fostering creativity, collaboration, and future-ready skills for a more innovative and inclusive world.


Jokkolabs Banjul

Jokkolabs Banjul is part of the network of hubs under Jokkolabs Global- an independent non-profit organization promoting an open innovation ecosystem and social transformation based on an organic community of entrepreneurs and a network of innovation centers. In Jokkolabs Banjul we believe in nurturing creativity and harnessing talent through an innovative skills acquisition approach as a means of promoting Start-Up and Entrepreneurship, ICT and Education, Digital Literacy, Digital Inclusion and Internet Rights and Freedom. In Jokkolabs Banjul Our focus lies on our core pillars of Research, Community, Innovation and Collaboration. As a social change hub, we pride ourselves in Youth and Women's Empowerment through inclusion and advocacy geared towards promoting diversification of the Start-Up Ecosystem by utilizing digital tools as a forefront to promoting innovation in Entrepreneurship. This is embedded in our radical innovation approach by utilizing the core strengths of our beneficiaries to build a network of collaborators across sectors whiles ensuring that marginalized communities are at the forefront of all we do as a hub. In our creative space, we pioneer education through innovation, Start-Up and Entrepreneurship through Innovation, ICT and development to promote sustainability of local communities and that of our Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs in order to promote cross cutting innovation across sectors. Our Services include: Our Jokkolabs vision is to create a digital innovation ecosystem, leading to new ways of collaborating, experimenting and creating. This open and collaborative dynamic aims to contribute to the collective achievement of shared prosperity. By focusing on the UN SDG's and the Gambian National Development Plan. We are Jokkolabs Banjul and believe in Community, Research and Innovation.
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Unleashing Young Minds: Fostering Innovation Through STEAM at Jokkolabs Banjul

A Cornerstone of Innovation
The Jokkolabs Banjul Kids’ Summer Camp embodies our core values, fostering a love of learning and equipping children with the skills they need to thrive in the 21st century. This five-week program, open to children aged 5-18, is a cornerstone of our innovative approach to education, aligning perfectly with Jokkolabs’ vision of creating a collaborative ecosystem for exploration and creation.

Learning Through Play: The 3 X Approach
The curriculum emphasises three core principles – eXploring, eXpressing, and eXchanging – all centered around Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM). This engaging approach aligns with our commitment to nurturing creativity and harnessing talent. By encouraging children to explore new ideas, express themselves creatively, and exchange knowledge with peers, the camp fosters a love of learning and equips them with valuable skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration – essential for success in today’s world.

A World of Discovery: Building Future Leaders
The camp offers a diverse range of activities that reflect Jokkolabs’ commitment to both tradition and innovation. Children engage in classic summer fun like sports and games, while simultaneously being exposed to cutting-edge advancements through activities like coding and design thinking. Additionally, the camp addresses contemporary challenges by raising awareness about climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), empowering young minds to become the innovative thinkers and leaders of tomorrow.

This focus on youth empowerment aligns with Jokkolabs Banjul’s dedication to social transformation and inclusion. By providing a supportive and stimulating environment, the Summer Camp fosters a lifelong love of learning in all participants, ensuring that no child is left behind, regardless of background.

The Journey Continues
The Jokkolabs Banjul Summer Camp is a testament to our belief in the power of collaborative learning and open innovation. Here, children can build the skills and confidence needed to become active participants in shaping a brighter future.

Key objective

Jokkolabs Banjul’s Summer Camp hopes to increase youth participation in STEAM activities, with a focus on reaching underprivileged communities, as measured by pre- and post-camp surveys on STEAM activities engagement.

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