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Paradigm Shift tackles menstrual health stigma in Nigeria through community dialogue, education, and reusable pad-making workshops, empowering women, girls, and the environment.



Society for the Improvement of Rural People (SIRP) is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) based in Enugu State, Nigeria. SIRP was co-founded in the year 1988 by both Dr Chris N. Ugwu and Mrs Faith Obioma. SIRP was set up with the sole idea of improving the lives of various vulnerable groups in Enugu State, Nigeria. This includes: children, youth, women and the disabled. This is therefore in line with our mission and vision statement. Our mission statement is “To promote quality service delivery that would improve the living conditions of the people, while ensuring true partnership, accountability and good governance”. Furthermore, our vision statement is “To be a Civil Society Organization role model in providing voice and services to the less privileged and vulnerable segments of the society”. In furtherance of the foregoing, we currently work to alleviate poverty, promote gender equality, mental health, youth empowerment etc here in Enugu State, Nigeria. What makes our organization unique and special is our empathetic spirit. This is usually the guiding principle for us when implementing projects here in Enugu State. Our ability to understand and share the feelings of our beneficiaries makes us unique. This has invariably helped us to achieve various successful projects here in Enugu State. Some of these projects have included: a drug abuse prevention centre in Enugu State, an end Gender Based Violence (GBV) project in Enugu State etc. We always ensure inclusion in all our projects.
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Paradigm Shift: Redefining Menstrual Health Management in Nigeria

A Groundbreaking Initiative
Paradigm Shift is revolutionising menstrual health management (MHM) and environmental sustainability in Enugu State, Nigeria. Their mission is two-fold: empowering women and girls while protecting the planet.

Breaking the Silence, Building Support
Paradigm Shift dismantles the stigma surrounding menstruation by fostering open dialogue within the community. Workshops and discussions engage all genders, creating a supportive environment and normalizing menstruation for women and girls.

Education Empowers
MHM education is a priority. Targeted workshops for young women and girls cover essential topics like understanding the menstrual cycle, effective period management, and the benefits of reusable sanitary pads.

Environmental Responsibility
Paradigm Shift integrates environmental awareness. They highlight the negative impact of disposable pads, often containing harmful chemicals, and promote reusable pads as a sustainable alternative, empowering women and girls to make eco-conscious choices.

Building Skills, Building Change
The initiative equips young women and girls with the skills to make their own affordable, reusable sanitary pads. This fosters self-reliance, economic opportunity, and empowers them to manage their menstrual health with dignity.

Key objective

SIRP aims:

  • To increase the number of women and girls in Enugu State who use reusable pads from a current baseline of 23% to 38% by the end of this project in 2022.
  • To reduce the harmful effects of disposable sanitary pads here in Enugu State from a current baseline of 35%-31% by the end of this project in 2022.

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