Trash Cleanup

by Earth Guardians Africa

  • Map Marker Ouakam, Dakar, Senegal

This is a street cleaning activity in Ouakam, one of the districts of Dakar, Senegal which is facing growing incivility.


Earth Guardians Africa

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Despite the existence of entities such as entities like the UCG (Solid Waste Coordination and Management Unit) created in 2011 as well as a law that came into force in 2016 prohibiting the use of plastic bags , Senegal and more particularly the city of Dakar is invaded by waste of all kinds, jeopardizing the efforts made to protect the environment. President Macky Sall, in his inaugural speech on April 2, 2019, appealed to the population for “a cleaner Senegal in its neighborhoods, cleaner in its villages, cleaner in its cities”. Faced with this situation and growing incivility, it is essential that Senegalese youth take action to reverse the trend.
It is in this logic that this activity falls under which consists of a cleaning session of the streets of Ouakam, one of the districts of Dakar followed by the sensitization of the residents on the management of waste and the need to maintain its framework of own life.

Key objective

Raising awareness among young people and inhabitants of the city of Dakar on waste management and the need to maintain a clean living environment.

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