Youth and ancestral territories

by Mishell Catucuamba

  • Map Marker Cayambe, Provincia de Pichincha, Ecuador

Mishell Catucuamba

I like to work on projects that contribute to the 2030 Agenda, in addition to contributing to girls and women to study and prepare to achieve a more equitable, social and environmentally responsible society.

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We work to promote vegetable gardens and agroecological fairs for responsible consumption. In addition to the recovery of ancestral customs with the celebration of Andean ceremonies in sacred places. We create artistic courses and workshops to promote the conservation of our natural resources. All initiatives are promoted by young people between 16-28 years old and supported by members of the community. We want to show that from young people and their ideas big changes can be made, looking back to the field.

Key objective

Commemoration of the main celebrations of the Andean calendar to strengthen the identity of the territory. Creation of a community fair to promote the consumption of local and healthy products, produced in family gardens led by women. In addition to the promotion of community and ecological tourism, visits and talks on water and moorland conservation

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