Storytelling For Change

by Amazon Theatrix Ensemble

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Amplifying the Voices of Communities on Climate Change and Adaptation through Performing Arts and Media on Wetland Conservation


Amazon Theatrix Ensemble

Amazon Theatrix Ensemble is a Youth-Led community Based Organization For Awareness Creation and Advocacy To Communities Through Performing Arts and Media in Addressing Environment and Climate Change Issues for Social Behavior Change on Climate Adaptation. Performing Arts and Media being Participatory offers amicable interaction with the communities through Dialogues enabling us to explore the Element of Storytelling For Change.
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Performing Arts and Media is one of the innovative approaches of Influencing Change Of Perception on How People Vie w things since it speaks to both the body,mind and Soul. Storytelling For Change is an ideal platform of Engaging Women and Youths Living at the shores of Lake Victoria on Importance of Wetland Conservation to avoid its encroachment leading to extinct of plants and Animals. Wetland Plays a pivotal role in Purifying Water by being Kidneys Of The World, Maternity Wing for Fish and Aquatic Animals and Grazing areas for Hippos and Crocodiles.Human being Encroaching wetlands for Socio-economic activities has led to Human Animal Conflict, Deforestation Leading to Low water Receding Level, increase in water-Borne Diseases which is the cause of infant mortality rate. There is therefore need of engaging the community on the importance of Wetland conservation through advocacy by creating dialogue with them in wetland conservation and management.

Key objective

To Sensitize 500 youths and Women on Importance of Wetland Conservation Living By the shores of Lake Victoria through Dialogue Creation by employing the use of “Storytelling For Change” For Social Behavior Change

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