Reframing Relationships Between Humans and the Earth: An Ecosystem Approach

by Andre Francisco Pilon

  • Map Marker São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

To restore the broken bonds between environment, governance, politics, economics, culture and ethics, a set of values, norms and policies prioritize socio-ecological objectives, human well-being, the quality of natural and built environments, the aesthetic, ethical and cultural meaning of existence. The regeneration of Earth and the regeneration of humanity are tackled simultaneously, in space and time, for their mutual support. A multidisciplinary holistic approach encompasses all dimensions of being in the world (intimate, interactive, social and biophysical), as they interact to elicit, withstand or transform the events. In the social-cultural learning niches, spaces are opened for allocation of new meanings; heuristic-hermeneutic processes develop a capacity to ask wider questions, reframing the problems, unveiling their dynamic and complex configurations, altering definitions and ways to deal with public policies, advocacy, communication, research and teaching programs.

Key objective

Communication, advocacy, public policies, research and teaching should:
1) define the problems in the core of the “boiling pot”, instead of reducing them to the bubbles of the surface (fragmented issues, reduced academic formats, segmented policies, effects);
2) consider, as donors and recipients, all dimensions being in the world (intimate, interactive, social and biophysical), assessing their deficits and assets, as they combine to elicit, maintain or transform the events;
3) promote the singularity of (identity, proper characteristics) and the reciprocity (mutual support) between all dimensions, in view of their complementarity and dynamic equilibrium;
4) be committed to a critical analysis of present paradigms of growth, power, wealth, work and freedom embedded into the political, technological, economic and educational institutions.

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